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Anytime anywhere – Get access to


Welcome to empowers millions of business owners to market themselves digitally across the globe. Our wide ranges of quality digital visiting cards are available at affordable prices. Additionally, we aim to match the design tools with every skill level and need, which means everyone (small, medium, or large business owners) can create their customized vcard as per their requirements.

Forget about the outdated visiting card designs that deserve to be in the trash now. With our Digital visiting Card, you can create and share your contact information in just a click like an email, call, Whatsapp, Map, Website Link, Social Links, Maps, and much more. Represent your business digitally with our creative visiting cards.

You can get instant access to all your essential business tools with our online digital business card services. Digitalvcardmaker is one of the leading digital visiting card m

What is a digital Visiting Card?

A digital visiting card is a virtual representation of a plastic card. In other words, it is a file that contains essential information on you and your company. The digital design of your business can be shared online in one click. Digital Card is the standard for digital business cards that works on tablets, Smartphone, and computers without using any application. It will create a digital hub where your customers can pick and choose how they connect with you. With this, you can reach larger audiences at a time.

Create your Card

How it work?

1. Create your account and card

Create a business card that gets you noticed. Choose your card size and design, add your business logo, insert essential information, and choose your typography.

2. Share with friends and colleagues

Share your visiting card profile with your friends and colleagues to expand the reach to larger audiences in a few clicks.

3. Connect with customers or business partners

Increase your business networking with more potential partners, customers, or co-workers via Whatsapp or call feature at your business profile.



₹288 / 12 Months

  • Click, Call and Business!
  • Share cards with anyone at anytime
  • Update card infinite times
  • Add/Change your Profile Photo
  • Share your card endlessly
  • Choose designs from available templates
  • Communicate easily with click-to-call option
  • Record your card’s views & Clicks
  • Customers can navigate your address in one-click
  • Offers communication options via Whatsapp/call/ email
  • Customers can save the card in the phone
  • Promote on social media (Whatsapp, Email, etc)
  • Eliminate the need to carry print cards
  • Saves time from designing/printing cards